The GOpSys project
If you check the current status of the project under sourceforge, you will see that it is still at the "planning" stage.

This website just opened and a lot more details is planned to be released on it very soon. But in the meantime, here is a little explanation of the idea behind it:

What is GOpSys?

GOpSys stands for Global Operating System and wants to answer the needs of small and midsize businesses (SMB).

In order to satisfy all the requirements of SMB, the solution must be Beneficial, Functional, Stable, Cost-effective, Global, Complete or easily upgradeable and Vendor-independent or highly compatible.

The idea is to propose a global system which include the operating system, the business management software or ERP, all the office applications like word processing, spreadsheet and so on, all the specific tools needed (i.e. CAD, CAM, etc), and ideally the hardware.

The look & feel of the global system must be uniform in every 'modules', and the use of it should be as most intuitive as possible. The user should not be an IT expert. His only concerns are to do the business for which he was hired.

Why GNU/GPL license?

Since the solution wants to take advantage of all the benefits of the open-source community, it must comply with a licenses approved by the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Below is a link to an article from the CIO magazine which might encourage unaware or pessimistic people of the cogency towards open source policies:
Your Opensource Plan - CIO Magazine - Mar 15,2003

How You Can Contribute

Since this project has just been realized and the website opened, contributions of time, money, programs and equipment are greatly needed.

I am asking computer manufacturers for donations of machines and money. I'm asking individuals for donations of work. If I get donations of money, I may be able to work and live on developing the solution or even I could hire a few people full or part time. For more information, contact me using the email address

Lack of time, resources and money are the only excuses to explain why the project is not evolving rapidly at the present stage. Many excellent open-source ideas are present all over the Internet, but it requires time and consideration to put them all together in a professional manner. Logo